Yamaha YAS 275

Stock photo of a Yamaha YAS 275

A first in my shop – an Indonesian made Yamaha Saxophone. It appears to be quite similar to the old YAS-23, with some cosmetic changes and a darker lacquer.  Here is a review of it from an excellent English site, written by Mr. Stephen Howard.

Having finished work on the horn, I find that I agree with most of what Mr. Howard has to say about it.  Especially the issues with the low D key – the pad cup is way too small.  The only point on which we differ is on the high-F# key.  I have always thought it to be wasted on a student instrument, just one more thing junior can create problems with. Overall it seems to be quite similar to the YAS models made in China that are much the rage over here.  I am curious why Yamaha releases horns manufactured in different countries in different markets.

~ by inhorn on November 27, 2009.

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