Video Tours of Instrument Factories

Here are some links to different instrument factory tours:

Buffet Clarinet Factory

Brio! Flute Factory

Taiwan Saxophone Factory

Yamaha Saxophone Factory

Unknown Saxophone Factory –  Perhaps the Nogales, AZ Conn Factory, with amusing saxophone accompaniment.

One Response to “Video Tours of Instrument Factories”

  1. Back in 1976 I purchase a Selmer Bari and have carried it all across the US for many years. This has been a bullet proof horn with very little work having been done to the horn in 35 years of use. While visit Karl’s shop to have some quick work performed on a tenor I mentioned that the horn was in the truck outside. After showing it to Karl, he suggested that the horn could use some TLC. The truth is that a lot of the corks were either gone or flat making for a noisy horn when playing it, click, click, click. The horn was left with Karl for few days and now it plays in a way that I do not remember the horn every playing, silky smooth is the word but with serious punch when needed.
    When you find a good repair man, stick with him. Thanks again for returning this horn back to its original condition if not better.

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