Mark VI Mechanical Overhaul

Over the next few months I will be documenting a large saxophone job.  The saxophone is a Selmer Mark VI alto saxophone, serial number 204xxx, dating from 1972.  The lacquer on the body is average, but it has not been buffed and re-lacquered. The finish on the keys  is almost completely destroyed.  Part of the job will be cleaning and tending to the metal, in hopes of preserving what is left of the original lacquer, as well as protecting the necked brass. The only structural damage I have found thus far is a small ding on the bell.

Day 1:  Disassemble.


Action Shot! removing the hi-F fork


Before: the lower stack (lacquer on keys is gone)

After removing old pad, clean out glue and score inner pad cup.

body with no keys


old pads stuck to a paper with measurements.





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