Saxophone Work Fixture


Pictured above is the single most useful saxophone tool that I own. This fixture safely and securely holds a saxophone, allowing me to free up both hands- no need to hold or cradle the horn while working on it. The fixture rotates, and the attached horn can rotate as well. The support arm has a hole through it that allows a florescent leak light to be used as normal. It was purchased from a now defunct supplier, but similar items can be obtained from both Votaw and Ferree’s. I have brought it to my friendly neighborhood welding shop to have a few repairs and modifications done on it over the years, most noticeably the double set of screws that hold in the support arm. Pictured below is the same fixture, with a different support arm so a baritone saxophone can be supported. In my second apprenticeship, my boss referred to baritone work as requiring hazard pay. The fixture takes alot of hassle out of any saxophone repair, but most especially the baritone.

If you are interested, these are both H-Couf saxophones, imported by Armstrong from the German Keilwerth factory in the mid-seventies. The tenor, a Superba I, has been my work horse since 1992. The baritone is a Superba 2, a project  that I have been working on sporadically for the last 3 years.


~ by inhorn on August 2, 2009.

3 Responses to “Saxophone Work Fixture”

  1. Just bought my first Bari-4-Resurrection from eBay. An Evette Schaefer Master. Took awhile to track down online that it’s the cousin to your beast. Only difference I could find is they use Keilworth Nickel Plated Keys instead of lacquered brass.
    Still, It will be a protracted project between the bow damage and needing to machine a replacement High E post. May have to do some other Dispicable Refinishing Things to it before all is said and done!!

    • Best of luck with that! Six years later, and all I have done with the Couf Baritone is move it from shelf to shelf. One day i will get back to it…..

      • The E.S.Master got in today; ahead of schedule! Doesn’t have a case but the Bastard Idiot shipped it with The Neck ON!! Good thing it was packed with about 5 pounds of packing peanuts. He will get a stern letter about that. Obviously never has messed with saxes before. No addition damage from it, the first bow has been bent for a good while, according to the upper octave pad.
        I’ll bore you with more details later.

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