Flute Repad


This is the main body of the Gemeinhardt I am currently rebuilding, along with the tools and pads that I use in this job. Next to the body you can see many of the keys, with their shims freshly glued in awaiting the pads. From left to right, the tools are:

  1. Two screwdrivers, with different size blades, purchased from Ferree’s.
  2. Pad Prick. It is a sewing  needle installed into a pin vice, used to pull pads out of cups when they need to be re-shimmed.
  3. Pin Pliers. These came from a watchmaker. Not sure of their original application, but I use them to remove and install key pins.
  4. Pad Iron. After screwing the center grommet in, the pad has to be ironed to remove the wrinkles. Also Purchased from Ferree’s.
  5. Scissors. Used to cut shims down to use in small pieces.
  6. Pad Cutter. This is the outer sleeve for Ferree’s cork pad cutting kit. I use it in flute work to compress the shims into the key cups after gluing.
  7. Shims. Here are four different sized shims, from left to right (the ones on the black block) are .05mm, .1mm, .2mm, and.3mm. Below the block are a couple of shim remnants – they might be used to level a pad. Purchased from J.L. Smith & Co.
  8. Pads. Lucien deluxe brand – quite possibly the best flute pad on the market.
  9. Wood stick. Used to spread glue on shims and in key cups.
  10. Spring Hook. Once a key is assembled, I use the hook to get the spring into place. Could be from Ferree’s, could be from Allied.
  11. Feeler Gauge. The BACKBONE of any flute work. This nine inch piece of balsa wood has a piece of biaxially-oriented polyethylene terephthalate (think silvery balloons) glued to the end.
  12. Pliers. Used to pull out or push in the hinge rods.
  13. Two Completed Key Segments. The B/Bb mechanism and the double G key.
  14. Not Shown:  The foot joint, the head joint, and the head joint crown assembly.

~ by inhorn on July 30, 2009.

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