How Not To Level A Saxophone Pad.

How not to glue a saxophone pad.

How not to glue a saxophone pad.

I pulled this pad out of a client’s Yamaha-62. (That is an alto saxophone.) She had just bought it and was assured by the seller that it had been re-padded “recently.” Most of the pads were in good shape, with just a few minor leaks. Then there was this one! It came off the low-C key, and was leaking terribly. I pulled it out thinking i would re-glue it, however its surface was too far gone. Sometimes it’s best just to start over. Ok, so enough back story, let me describe what you are looking at, and what is wrong with it.

What you see is the back of a saxophone pad. The top portion is covered with hot glue. Most repair techs, and manufacturers use some version of hot glue. That’s right, just like your Aunt Maybel uses in her arts/crafts! Notice how, even in the parts that are covered with glue, there are 2 huge gaps. Then there is the bottom of the pad. Almost no glue at all! The consequence of such unvenly applied glue is that the pad could not seat against the tone hole. When seating a pad, there are times that you want more (or less) glue to be under a specific part of the pad, that is how we “float” pads. With all of these gaps, this poor fellah never had a chance.

~ by inhorn on July 28, 2009.

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