Flute work

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As the summer grinds to a halt, I’m doing a plane condition job on the Gemeinhardt flute for a third-year student


G, that’s an odd clarinet

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I took a break from getting band instruments ready for the upcoming school year to look at my new friends G clarinet. Dr. Borak is learning traditional Turkish music on his G Albert system clarinet, Made by the German manufacturer Hammerschmidt. It is a beautiful instrument and a rare sighting in this part of the world.


Cat vs Flute

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The cat won.


Saxophone End Plug

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Various Saxophone End Plugs

A selection of industry standard end plugs for tenor and alto saxophones, including a novelty piece.
The following pictures attempt to show the repair job that result from not using one.

undamaged parts

Bent Floating Register Arm, Hinge Tube and Hinge Rod

aligning bent parts.

Vice, Mallets, hardened steel, rod and key all worked in tandem to straighten.

Preparing to glue a new silencing cork

Straightened mechanism assembled. Works like new!

Conn Neck Brace Solder

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Conn Tuneable Neck – Cmelody.

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Tuneable Neck, Exploded.

Tools to repair Receiver

Broken Soprano

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Bauhaus Walstein Curved Soprano Saxophone